About Us

Key Objectives

The Centre for Supply Chain, Operations & Procurement Excellence(C-SCOPE) is an inter-disciplinary centre that focuses on three key objectives:

  • To build an international reputation for modern Supply Chain, Operations and Procurement driven by high quality quantitative and qualitative research and technological development.
  • To generate international, high-impact and innovative supply chain professionals through the development of distinctive research informed and commercially relevant undergraduate, postgraduate and executive level education making employability a key target for C-SCOPE students.
  • To become a supplier of choice for the provision of high quality Knowledge Transfer and commercial support programmes (KTPs, KEPs, WBL etc) in order to provide high impact solutions to emerging supply chain logistics and procurement problems.

Thematic Areas and Industry / Governmental / Commercial Sectors

CSCOPE will concentrate upon creating high impact academic and commercial outputs in five major thematic areas whilst operating primarily (but not exclusively) in four key industrial /commercial sectors. These sectors and thematic areas have been carefully selected following an analysis of the current opportunities and priorities that exist in Wales and the UK, then mapping staff expertise across the industrial / commercial sectors.

Whilst the development of thematic research areas and industrial / commercial sectors provides a focal point for the development of R+E activity, the centre will not restrict itself solely to these sectors and areas and will adapt and respond accordingly to new opportunities as they arise.

Commercial sectors and R+E thematic areas diagram

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