The Centre is managed by Director Professor Andrew Thomas who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Centre as well as ensuring current and future strategic developments are delivered so that the Centre remains economically sustainable in the future. He is responsible for driving forward research outputs as well as driving up income generation in order to meet the Centre’s key objectivites.

Our work is guided by the CSCOPE Advisory Board, made up of highly experienced industry leaders and key industry facing specialists including SEMTA and the Engineering Employers Federation. The Advisory Board provides additional industry focus and guidance to ensure that the Centre’s products and research is industry relevant and leading edge.

The C-SCOPE team is made up of seven full time members of academic staff supported by Visiting Professor Chandra Lalwani, Emeritus Professor David Jessop and Emeritus Professor Stuart Cole

Left to right: Scott Parfitt, Rachel Mason-Jones, Kath Ringwald, Eoin Plant and Gareth White.

Staff Profiles

Prof Andrew Thomas Professor Andrew Thomas
Professor in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Tel: 01443 482923 Email:
Key areas: Systems Behaviours, Operational Strategy, Maintenance Management, Lean Six Sigma, KTP, and Quality Engineering

Dr Kath Ringwald Dr Kathryn Ringwald
Director of The Procurement Best Practice Academy and Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01443 482374 Email:
Key areas: Procurement, Public Sector, Buyer-Supply Relationship, Procurement Strategy, Steel Industry, International Supply Chain Management

Scott Parfitt Scott Parfitt
Associate Director of The Procurement Best Practice Academy and Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01443 482938 Email:
Key areas: Procurement, Supply chain, Public sector, Category Management, Project Management

Chris Lee Chris Lee
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01443 482334 Email:
Key areas:

Dr Rachel Mason-Jones Dr Rachel Mason-Jones
Head of Divison (Supply Chain & Strategic Management)
Tel: 01443 482334 Email:
Key areas: Sustainability, Ethics, Renewal Energy, Supply Chain, Power, Risk

Dr Eoin Plant Dr Eoin Plant
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01443 654279 Email:
Key areas: Freight Management, Logistics, Structural Equation Modelling, Freight Decoupline

Gareth White Gareth White
Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain and Logistics
Tel: 01443 482958 Email:
Key areas: Operation Management, Information Systems Management, Environmental Management, Knowledge Management

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