Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

C-SCOPE will house five distinct Special Interest Groups which are derived from the thematic areas shown previously. The SIGs are:

  • The Procurement Best Practice Academy (Directors: Dr Kath Ringwald and Scott Parfitt) – conducting research in to procurement systems in both public and private institutions, characterising the dynamics of procurement systems, supplier development activities, linking procurement to economic development and identifying creative and innovative best practice at local, national and international levels. Providing training and consultancy services.
  • Supply Chain Knowledge Management Group (Leaders: Gareth White and Dr Eoin Plant) – conducting research in to knowledge generation and its management in supply chains, modelling the dynamics of knowledge transfer and measuring the effectiveness of KM in supply chains.
  • Logistics Modelling Group (Leaders: Dr Eoin Plant and Chris Lee) – conducting research in to modelling logistics systems and measuring the effectiveness of supply chains from a range of industrial sectors. Modelling systems efficiency and enhancing the performance of logistics and supply chain systems, and developing trusted supply chains through complexity theory.
  • Supply Chain Performance Group (Leaders: Dr Rachel Mason-Jones) – conducting research in to optimising and enhancing supply chain effectiveness (manufacturing, technology driven SCs etc), reducing systems complexity and uncertainty, identifying and developing new supply chain systems for disruptive technologies.

Due to the wide reaching nature and impact of supply chains, the centre works with staff in other disciplines such as Psychology, Education, the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT) (through the Knowledge Management Group), Law, Accounting and Public Sector Policy (through the Procurement Best Practice Academy) and in particular with the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science which has close connections with the aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors.

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